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Is your vehicle fully compliant with 2008 Private Hire Legislation? Make sure your limousine has SVA / IVA / COIF

Don't risk your customer's special event being ruined. Our limousines don't run on risks, as they are all SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) / IVA (Independent Vehicle Approval) / Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) compliant compliant. All new limousines come with a warranty.

What is Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) / Independent Vehicle Approval (IVA) / Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF)?

The Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) / Independent Vehicle Approval (IVA) / Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) scheme is a pre-registration inspection carried out by VOSA on each INDIVIDUAL car and/or light goods vehicle that has not been Type Approved to either British or European standards. The main purpose of the scheme is to ensure that such vehicles have been designed and constructed to modern safety and environmental standards before they can be used on public roads.
VOSA newsletter: SAV compliancy pg1
VOSA newsletter: SVA compliancy pg2

Why do you need SVA / IVA / COIF?

The SVA / IVA / COIF scheme checks that vehicles constructed for non-European Economic Area markets comply with British law. Any vehicle without a valid SVA runs the severe risk of its insurance being invalid. That's something you wouldn't like your customers to know and a headache you don't need.

Right hand drive vehicle notice

Right hand drive stretch limousines used for Private Hire require Enhanced Single Vehicle Approval certification (ESVA), as right hand drive vehicles lose European safety certification when cut and stretched. VOSA will confirm that there are currently no right hand drive stretch limousines in the UK with ESVA certification. So if any are being used on UK roads for Private Hire, they are breaking the law. Don't be fooled and then waste your money as a result!

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