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It has recently come to our attention

Dear Mr Bardsley
It has recently come to our attention that certain individuals are selling Krystal products in the UK in an unauthorised, or perhaps, even fraudulent manner. We are informed and believe that LIMO SUPERMARKET, THE CAR COMPANY UK, and LIMO4SALE UK, are representing themselves as authorized Krystal product dealers and/or are selling Krystal products without authorization or proper documentation.

As you very well know, every Krystal vehicle that is shipped to the UK complies with specific laws and regulations for legal importation into the operation within the UK. Additionally, these vehicles are manufactured to specific and exacting standards that allow them to perform optimally, given the unique demands presented in your part of the world. Only vehicles purchased from Krystal UK offer such compliance. Vehicles purchased from any other dealer simply do not comply with the UK's legal manufacturing and safety requirements.

Krystal Enterprises, USA, does not authorise the sale of any of its products by anyone other than Krystal UK. Consquently any Krystal vehicle sold by an unauthorised entity will not benefit from Krystal support or service. Additionally such vehicles will in effect void all warranties and guarantees associated with them and may present other complications to the purchaser.

We have laboured diligently with you to ensure full and complete compliance and to provide for, pursuant to your guidelines, the safety and satisfaction of our customers in the UK. We stand ready to work with you to prevent the actions of a few non-authorised dealers from undermining this commitment.

Should you require further information please contact Mr Nick Clarke at Krystal UK (Tel: +44 (0)1435 812614)


Ed Grech
President and CEO
Krystal Enterprises

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