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Limousine Business Package From Krystal UK

We supply high quality and, probably the best stretch limousines in the world. However, we recognise that in today's business world, that simply isn't enough. Operators need help to get started, while existing operators need to understand their business, how it works, how to optimise performance and to enhance both turnaround and to maximise profit. As an integral part of our sales offering, we can help to minimise your overheads and to maximise your income by:

  • Providing help and advice on how to operate a successful limo hire business (we've done it for 12 years).
  • Helping you obtain "soft-start" finance packages coupled with very competitive finance rates.
  • The cost benefits of operating with modern, up-to-date and legally registered limousines.
  • Better fuel economy by running modern limousines.
  • Very competitive insurance rates.
  • Up to 3 years full warranty, parts and labour.
  • Better rental rates by using modern limousines.
  • Top class rental opportunities.
  • Advice on legislation and how to deal with local licensing authorities.
  • How to run your limousine with total certainty of operating legally.
  • Help you to look at your top line costs against your bottom line benefits.
  • Free membership of the National Limousine Association.
Krystal UK can help you to work smarter rather than harder, to achieve an improved return on your investment.

You're never alone when you buy into our Business Package. Call today and talk to us because we 'walk the walk', thanks to our own successful limousine hire business. Email, or call + 44 (0) 1435 812614


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