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Evolution stretch Black
1. Black | Enlarge

Introducing the Evolution Limousine by Krystal, a QVM Approved Lincoln MKT Limousine with a 120 inch Stretch by Krystal Koach.
We are pleased to reveal the first picture of the New Lincoln MKT stretched by Krystal Koach, called the Evolution.
This model is to replace the much loved and respected Lincoln Town Car.
 We think that this radical new look will help the Limousine Industry breathe new life into the business.
The launch of this model is expected to satisfy existing users along with a new generation of Customer who are looking for something new, impressive and very exciting.

The Evolution is expected to be available in both an 88 and 120 inch stretch, although other lengths are still under consideration. Tooling up for the production of this model is currently under way and further information will be released as it becomes available.

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