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2008 Hummer H2 200 

SVA: None

Vehicle data

SVA MOT Mileage Colour Passengers Warranty
None 13186 PINK 16 No

Vehicle condition

Mechanical condition Body condition Cabin condition

Vehicle description

Pink Hummer H2 Limousine 200" 2008 Statement of Condition: The Limo was always stored under a roof in a garage. The interior is in a very good state as it was forbidden for the clients to smoke inside and the Limousine was cleaned and polished very precisely after every "ride" both on the interior and the exterior. Damages: The only notable damage is on the front doors, not because it was caused by someone, but because the front doors are on special hinges that allow the door to go upwards after being opened for a visual enhancement of the limo. These hinges unfortunately wore off because of the weight of the doors and the doors started dropping slightly lower than to their original position, causing two things; 1. the doors are slightly harder to close as you need to, with very little force push them upwards when being closed and 2. the part of the doors that locks itself into the lock on the body part of the limo created indents right under the locking mechanisms on the door part of the limo (this does not in any way affect the limos locks, the locks work as they should) fortunately, this is only visible when the door is opened, and even then, only slightly. The backdoors do not have these hinges so they do not have these problems or these damages. Other than these damages caused by the front doors, there are no other scratches, dents, or any other visual damage visible on the limo. The interior of the limo has no damages either. Mileage: 21222 km / 13186 miles Price: € 80,000 plus VAT Reg. Number: W2 LIMO2 Add. Info: All of the European Import fees have been payed and the Limo is fully registered in the EU(Poland). * ENGINE V8; CAPACITY 6.2 LITRE; POWER 430 KM * Rotating rims SPINNER type, size 24 * Tires 315 x 50 x 24 * 17 seats (to fit comfortably) 20 seats available * 2 backlit bars * Backlit mirrors * Leather chairs and sofas, double colour (white/pink) * Fitted carpets + backlit floor "dance floor" * VIP private division * Tinted windscreens * Sectional A/C zone air-conditioning system controlled with touchpad * Neon backlit of the floor and different elements of VIP cabin * LED light * Lasers * Chrome, opera illumination * STROBO Lights * Ceiling with light special effects * Roof reading lights * Intercom (communications with a driver) * Fog machine * Ice containers * 2 stainless steel champaign holders * 3 LCD TV sets * Hi-End Sound System Speaker system with amplifiers - 3000 WATT, CD/DVD PLAYER CD/DVD player with TV function, MP3 function, AM/FM Radio, Touchpad System touch control * KARAOKE with about 2000 songs

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000137 18/04/2011 07:18:55 0

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Peter L
Poland, Poland, Poland W2 LIMO2

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